Yoga and Surveying Techniques

I am working on a survey to conduct local market research about trends in the yoga community here.  I am crafting questions about times for classes and demographics of students and trying to explore what other offerings our community would support.  Is there an interest for yoga with kids or yoga in nursing homes or yoga late at night for students?  What ages of kids yoga would parents be interested in and what times typically work for families?

As I am creating this survey, I am learning some things.  Both about the ways to ask the questions and the tons of technology out there (for free) that allow you to conduct market research.  I don’t have a plan yet for distributing my survey (round 1 will be to immediate acquaintances, round 2 to a broader list, round 3 to facebook?), but I am really interested in seeing the return rate and the answers that come from asking questions.

So now I’m asking you – have you used surveys to research your business (whether it’s yoga or something else)?  How have you found them to be effective?

Besides logistical questions, I am also interested in people’s answers to the question – what is most important to you about your yoga practice?  Will more people be focused on the workout or will they rate spiritual connection higher?  I plan to aggregate and analyze the results and I will get back to you.


Here is my survey:

Please take a moment to fill it out so I can see how this works!


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