Courage to Live

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. -e e cummings

I am listening to Queens of the Stone Age (I know, not very yoga, but I like them). and the lyrics is “Keep saying, you won’t live forever.”  Couple with the cummings quote, let’s think about the destination of your life and the epic challenge that knowing you won’t live forever presents.  [Let’s set reincarnation aside for now, because I think it is helpful to assume this is the only life you have.  It should make you try to wring every drop out of the present.  If you assume you have other lives to make up for what you do here or to reach your full potential, I think you might not try as hard.]

So the question is – what makes your heart sing?  What is it that fulfills you?  What is the bigger calling in your life and how can you embrace your own mission?

These are the questions that I am thinking deeply about lately and I hope I find the courage to grow up and become who I really am.



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