Caribbean Yoga Conference

Many of you who know me in person already know that I help out with the Caribbean Yoga Conference, now in its second year and held in Jamaica. I coordinate the volunteers for this event and I should have posted a link much sooner so maybe some of you could join me for this incredible experience.

Jamaica’s an easy flight from New York or Philadelphia, and it’s a great way to travel worlds away in three hours. My experience traveling in Jamaica was very positive, although it’s much rougher than Pennsylvania and many of the areas around Montego Bay, where the conference is held were disappointingly polluted, with litter clogging roadsides.

But the island is still a paradise and – when it’s below freezing at home – how can you beat bright, sunny tropical days? I spent a lot of time on the beach and in the water, trying to soak up all the sun, salt, and sand I could before coming back to snow and ice. I got to see a shooting star over the ocean and heard some world class drummers around a beach bonfire.

More than that, the Caribbean Yoga Conference gave an opportunity to practice some yoga with excellent faculty in heavenly venues. Seeing palm trees and brilliant blue sky upside down from inversions was so different from my studio practice and a welcome treat.

Please let me know if you want more information about the conference and stay tuned for 2014. Namaste.


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